Michael 4 Safety Coloring Activity

Oklahoma SAFE KIDS Coalition has agreed to host Michael 4 Safety on their website because it aligns with their mission of protecting children from unintentional injury.

The following activity and coloring book was developed by Bill and Ellen Jenkins, after their son Michael had a fatal accident around oil equipment.  This is provided to educate children regarding the dangers of oil and gas equipment located within our neighborhoods.

The coloring book has been converted to an activity for internet access; however, the pages can be printed out so children can color (through the teacher/parent connection).

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To download this program CLICK HERE.  Once downloaded, you can unzip the files and burn them to a CD.  After burning the CD, the program will automatically start each time you insert the CD.  If you want to run it from your hard-drive, simply unzip the files and double click “Michael4Safety.exe”.

Or click here to return to the Oklahoma Safe Kids website.